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That wingnut who shot his television
My late father, a long-term, dyed in the wool, Eisenhower Republican, had a very funny habit about politics. If a Democrat did something stupid, he'd snort "Typical." If a Republican did something stupid, he'd sigh and say "Embarrassing." 

It's interesting how some people - not many -- are trying to make a larger political point about Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars. I don't watch the show, but I'm not dead, and I do hear that Bristol, despite her tenacity is ... how shall we say it ... less a 'dancer' and more a 'person who moves.'

There will be people who will point to the guy who shot his television because Bristol Palin was on it and say "Typical." They'll say "See how crazy and dangerous the left wing is! They pose a real threat!" And there are people who will say "This is all about the tea party mobbing the phone lines! She's terrible, and unqualified, and they still love her!" I don't think this has anything to do with politics, actually. Just so you don't think I'm a snob, I used to watch a lot of American Idol, and I remember the Sanjaya conspiracy pretty well. I'm pretty sure Bristol is the butt of a pretty mean joke.

But none of that matters, not in the grand "We're still in Afghanistan and we're still unemployed" sense. I don't think you have to be conservative or liberal to dislike Sarah Palin. Some people will say "Look! A bunch of lefties hating on a single mother! Typical!" Me? I say "Wow. Someone connected to the Palin family who will do anything embarrassing to stay famous. Frontal nudity, televised glacier climbing, terrible dancing. Typical."